The Educational Center consists of several areas, including the Nature Walk, the Cracker Classroom, the Meeting Pavilion, the Main Pavilion, Bunk House and the Fishing Dock.  The Cracker Classroom is a place where children receive a hands-on learning experience about nature and the outdoors.  The educational programming conducted by the Foundation integrates a variety of local artifacts into prepared educational curriculum. The Main Pavilion serves as a meeting place for group meals and team building activities. The cracker-style Bunk House is the latest addition to the Education Center and is equipped with air conditioning and bathrooms. Many of the children who participate in the Foundation’s programs have never had the opportunity to fish and enjoy Florida’s lakes and waters. The Fishing Dock is a great place for first time fishermen to learn, and a place where great fishermen get their start.  Future additions to the Educational Center include an outdoor amphitheater which may serve as a venue for environmental learning seminars and other events.

The Educational Center