-Any required damage deposit will be due upon arrival.

Fully executed General Release and Waiver of Liability Agreements by all Users; and a copy of your Certificate of Insurance which shows Lake X Holdings, LLC as an Additional Insured.

Lake X Field Trip Reservation Guide

     Applications should be submitted via U.S. mail at least 3 months prior to your organization’s                              preferred reservation date. Applications for reservations may be taken up to, but not more than                        12 months in advance. Hours of operation and available dates are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM,      closed on weekends. 

     Once the completed Facilities Use Application and Facilities Use Agreement have been received the                  Foundation will contact you of the status of your application. 

  -  To apply and make a reservation for a field trip to the Lake X property, please:

  • Complete the Lake X Facilities Use Application (“Application”).
  • Review and complete the Lake X Facilities Use Agreement (“Agreement”) regarding requirements and guidelines.
  • Submit the completed Application and Agreement to the Foundation for review and available dates.
  • If your Application is approved, the Foundation will contact you to confirm the date of your field trip.  Once your group has been confirmed, you will need to provide the following information at least 30 days in advance of your scheduled visit to secure your reservation: