The Kirchman Foundation has formed strategic partnerships with governmental agencies and charitable organizations to meet the growing needs of the public.  The Kirchman Foundation is committed to making its programming available to a broad range of children and individuals through its partnerships.

The Foundation has partnered with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office to develop a summer Adventure Camp.  The goal of Adventure Camp is to keep children in school and away from crime.  Hundreds of children ages 10-14 are selected by their school resources officer to participate in Adventure Camp.


Campers will participate in activities designed to improve self-esteem, teamwork, tolerance, discipline, and a sense of connection with others and mastery of their own lives.  Activities include a ropes challenge course, biking, kayaking, team sports, camping, learning to fish, nature walks, and environmental education.

The Foundation has also partnered with the School District of Osceola County to conduct a series of field trips during the school year.  The participants enjoy guided nature walks, classroom speakers, and photography.  

The Foundation regularly partners with charitable organizations to conduct nature walks, trail rides, field trips and similar activities on the Lake X property.

Public Partnership