The Uplands

The upland forests located on the Lake X Property are some of the most diverse and historic forests in the state, and cover a variety of climates, soils, and moisture conditions.  The upland forests vary in tree and plant species from north to south Florida, including oak and cypress hammocks, long-leaf pines and hardwoods.  The upland forests are mostly surrounded by stretches of flatwoods and areas of sandhill forests.  Because of the many different ecosystems of the Lake X Property, there is a wide diversity of trees and plants that flourish on the Lake X Property.​

Uplands Preservation
Preservation of the property’s natural resources, including its soils, forests and vegetation is carried out by the Foundation through adherence to land best management practices, conservation principles and systematic monitoring.  The Foundation is active in the conservation of its uplands through ongoing management of non-native flora species, and the encouragement of native flora to restore the property’s natural balance.